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Hold Them Accountable

Senate Union Tracker Solidarity Symbol
Megaphone Protestor

Why This Project Exists

This started out of frustration with hypocrisy.


As former staffers ourselves, we've helped members praise unions. Many Senators love to talk about how much they support union organizing, it's good politics and is the right thing to do. But actions speak higher than words and when it comes to their offices, members often choose the cowardly path.

Every single Senator needs to make clear that they support labor organizing not just in the abstract, but in reality. We are aware of the Senate rules and their limits but voluntary recognition of a labor union IS possible.

The goal of the Senate Union Tracker is to make sure that every single Senator is on the record about where they stand. Senators might be against labor organizing when the chips are down but they no longer can hide it from the public. Every single Senator will be tracked to see if they support staff unions within their own office from here on out. 

AN IMPORTANT UPDATE: For the first time in almost 30 years, legislation has been introduced to give Senate staff the right to unionize. There are 19 cosponsors to the legislation and all of their stances have been updated on the tracker. You can read more about the legislation here

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