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How to read this tracker

We asked every single U.S. Senator two simple questions. 

Question One:
Would you support legislation giving Senate staff the right to unionize?


Question Two: If your staff decided to form a union, would you voluntarily recognize it? 

Offices that failed to respond or have not made clear public statements were given a scab symbol. Offices that responded yes to both questions were given green solidarity symbols. Offices that only publicly showed they supported the first question but not the second were given a grey solidarity symbol for the first question.

There is additional information about individual decisions on the tracker at the bottom of each table. Scroll to the bottom to find it. 

An Important Point

There is a huge difference between an office who might be in favor of these questions but is unwilling to tell anyone and one that publicly makes clear its views. Given the lack of clarity of Senate rules on unionization, a Senate office not publicly stating their support is putting their workers at risk of not being recognized. 

The only way for an office to have two solidarity symbols is to publicly make clear they are a "yes" on both questions. This can be in the form of a public statement or by reaching out to Senate Union Tracker directly, preferably both. 

Senate Democrats

Senator's Name
Would you support legislation giving Senate staff the right to unionize?
If your staff decided to form a union, would you voluntarily recognize it?
Baldwin, Tammy
Bennet, Michael F.
Blumenthal, Richard
Booker, Cory A.
Brown, Sherrod
Cantwell, Maria
Cardin, Benjamin L.
Carper, Thomas R.
Casey, Robert P., Jr.
Coons, Christopher A.
Cortez Masto, Catherine
Duckworth, Tammy
Durbin, Richard J.
Feinstein, Dianne
Fetterman, John
Gillibrand, Kirsten E.
Hassan, Margaret Wood
Heinrich, Martin
Hickenlooper, John W.
Hirono, Mazie K.
Kaine, Tim
Kelly, Mark
King, Angus S., Jr.
Klobuchar, Amy
Luján, Ben Ray
Manchin, Joe, III
Markey, Edward J.
Menendez, Robert
Merkley, Jeff
Murphy, Christopher
Murray, Patty
Ossoff, Jon
Padilla, Alex
Peters, Gary C.
Reed, Jack
Rosen, Jacky
Sanders, Bernard
Schatz, Brian
Schumer, Charles E.
Shaheen, Jeanne
Sinema, Kyrsten
Smith, Tina
Stabenow, Debbie
Tester, Jon
Van Hollen, Chris
Warner, Mark R.
Warnock, Raphael G.
Warren, Elizabeth
Welch, Peter
Whitehouse, Sheldon
Wyden, Ron

Additional Notes

The remainder of Senate Democrats that have scab symbols have not made public statements and did not return a request for a comment. 

There are three exceptions to this

1) Senator Hickenlooper

2) Senator Murray

3) Senator King

All three have gone back on their commitments. They explicitly have made statements declaring support for staff unions but have NOT signed onto introduced legislation for Senate unions. They all get scab symbols.   

*If there are any other offices that have publicly expressed support in some form, please email and let us know. 

Some Shoutouts

Senator Markey's office deserves special praise for being the absolute first office to not only agree with both of these questions, but also actually unionizing with the Senator's voluntary recognition. Their statement they gave to this tracker is below: 


“I applaud these passionate, dedicated workers who are exercising their right to organize through this fundamental, critical exercise in democracy. I am proud of my staff for embodying the commitment not to agonize, but to organize. I recognize their effort to unionize and look forward to engaging with them and the Congressional Workers Union.” 

Last but certainly not least, the Congressional Workers Union deserves all the praise in the world possible. This website would not exist without their leadership and their work to change a far too often dysfunctional instutiton for the better. 

Senate Republicans

Senator's Name
Would you support legislation giving Senate staff the right to unionize?
If your staff decided to form a union, would you voluntarily recognize it?
Barrasso, John
Blackburn, Marsha
Boozman, John
Braun, Mike
Britt, Katie Boyd
Budd, Ted
Capito, Shelley Moore
Cassidy, Bill
Collins, Susan M.
Cornyn, John
Cotton, Tom
Cramer, Kevin
Crapo, Mike
Cruz, Ted
Daines, Steve
Ernst, Joni
Fischer, Deb
Graham, Lindsey
Grassley, Chuck
Hagerty, Bill
Hawley, Josh
Hoeven, John
Hyde-Smith, Cindy
Johnson, Ron
Kennedy, John
Lankford, James
Lee, Mike
Lummis, Cynthia M.
Marshall, Roger
McConnell, Mitch
Moran, Jerry
Mullin, Markwayne
Murkowski, Lisa
Paul, Rand
Ricketts, Pete
Risch, James E.
Romney, Mitt
Rounds, Mike
Rubio, Marco
Schmitt, Eric
Scott, Rick
Scott, Tim
Sullivan, Dan
Thune, John
Tillis, Thom
Tuberville, Tommy
Vance, J.D.
Wicker, Roger F.
Young, Todd

Additional Notes

No Republican Senator returned a request for comment or made any public statements in support of congressional unions. Senator Hawley's office did complain about assigning Hawley's position if they did not get back to us in time.


If any Senator is willing to make clear their stance publicly in favor of staff unions and questions one and two, they will be given the same treatment as anyone else. Otherwise, the most notable time we saw Senator Hawley use the solidarity symbol was in support of rioters during an insurrection. 

If you want a .CSV file of this table:

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